Ruby As Engagement Ring: Everything You Need to Know

Gifting a ruby engagement ring to your fiancé is the greatest gift of all. The magical color of ruby shows your deep love and strong bond for each other. Ruby rings look different from standard diamond engagement rings and give a message of commitment and love. 

For many years, ruby has been used in making rings and earrings. It is also a popular gemstone for engagement rings and wedding rings. Ruby is made at a high temperature by mixing mineral corundum and chromium oxide.

While getting a ruby ring, you must keep certain things in mind. This blog explains the different Ruby Engagement ring Buying Tips that one should keep in mind to get the best product.

Tips To Follow Before Getting an Engagement Ring

Ruby’s engagement ring looks unique and different for gifting purposes. However, you must consider some things while purchasing a ruby engagement ring such as:

1. Look at The Diamond’s Clarity

The first thing to note is the clarity of the diamond. Gemstones with better clarity have fewer flaws than gemstones with less clarity. If you see a clear ruby, it means it is a costly gemstone. You have to pay a high price for high clarity of ruby. Clear ruby stones might also have some flaws that you cannot see with your naked eyes.

Surface fractures are important when buying a ruby ring. These fractures damage diamonds in several ways. It is the reason why diamonds with surface fractures have a low price. Contrary to that, clean ruby stones have a higher price in the market.

2. Color of Ruby

The next thing to look at while purchasing a ruby stone is the color of the stone. Corundum is the main material in ruby and has a natural red color. Real rubies have authentic red colors while cheaper ruby gemstones have pink, purple, or orange colors.

Rarest rubies are pigeon blood red rubies. These rubies have a blood-red color. On the other hand, rubies with shades such as purple, orange, and pink are of cheaper quality. According to GIA, the shades of ruby indicate a hue, tone, and saturation.

Hue is the basic shade of stone. The term saturation is the intensity of the color. The intensity of the color is checked on a scale from 1 to 6. The tone indicates how light or dark the stone color is.

3. Choose the Right Carat Size of Ruby Stone  

One or two carats is the standard weight of rubies. If you find the rubies more than two carats, they are costly and rare. It depends on personal choice when it comes to the size of the rubies. If you love large rubies in a ring, they are expensive. But if you want some relief in the price of ruby rings, go for smaller rubies.

Small rubies also add charm and beauty to earrings and rings. They also suit the face of every size. You can get huge discounts on small rubies from online or offline stores.

4. Choose the Right Shape

You can pick unique shapes for ruby rings or ruby earrings. Ruby can be given any shape such as round, princess, or pear. Round is the common shape in diamonds and rubies. But you can choose a square, princess, oval, pentagon, step cuts, and so on.

If you love some vintage designs in ruby jewelry, pick old fashion cuts. Old designs in rubies make the color look brighter. Apart from that, the vintage designs also make the ruby stone look bigger than the normal size. Moreover, old designs make the ruby arrangement look more precise.

While cutting the ruby stone, the jewelers look at different angles. They also mix different kinds of rubies with different shades to enhance rings or earrings.

5. Find A Reputable Jeweler

Today, many online jewelry stores give their ads on social media sites and other platforms. Do not get trapped in the vicious circle of these stores. Some stores just lure customers by giving ads of discounts on real diamond or ruby jewelry.

You must know that ruby is one of the rarest gemstones. You will not get this gemstone at any discount. So, you must first search for the real price of rubies. If you think the price is somewhat near to the price, go for that store.

When it comes to buying a ruby ring or pendant, choose only genuine jewelers. You can go for some notable brands of jewelry in the world to buy ruby jewelry. These brands contain certification and all other marks on ruby rings and earrings.

6. Go for Synthetic Rubies A Low Budget

Buying a ruby ring is very exciting but budget often stops us from getting it. So, the best way to get a ruby ring is that you can select synthetic ruby. It is an affordable type of ruby that you can use in designing rings and earrings.

One of the best things about synthetic rubies is that they have a similar appearance to real rubies. However, these rubies are made in labs by humans. They look elegant on any engagement or wedding ring.

Additionally, synthetic rubies are very affordable and enhance the look of any jewelry. You can gift a ruby ring made of synthetic rubies for your first marriage anniversary or birthday party.

7. Read Customers’ Reviews on The Site

When you choose a particular online jewelry store for buying a ruby ring, read the reviews of the customers. Do not purchase ruby jewelry from any online store without reading positive reviews. You must choose the store only if it has maximum positive reviews and one or no negative reviews.

Final Words

These are a few easiest tips to keep in mind while selecting ruby jewelry. From the carat weight of a ruby to a reliable jewelry store, you must consider many things to get a good deal. So now, it is easier to buy ruby jewelry for any occasion or to gift your partner.