How old do you have to be to ride an electric skateboard?

Longboards are an electric, fun and safe form of personal transportation that everyone can enjoy, but can kids ride them…? Read carefully!

Some of the requirements for riding an electric skateboard are as follows.

Less than 400lbs / 180kg

any height

People from the age of 18 can only skate.

Under the age of 18, adult supervision is required.

Must be able to use the body on the board (stand for a long time, be able to balance)

Must be able to carry a sign (or get help if you can’t)

If you have an existing health condition, you should consult your doctor

As we all know, electric skateboards are mostly for adults, but if kids like skateboarding, try electric boards. In the event of an accident, you must take care of it yourself. Riders new to electric skateboarding with experience in board sports will adapt relatively quickly. Whether you like skateboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or snowboarding. The skills you’ve learned and the muscles you’ve built in other board sports. Very useful for electric skateboarding.

Riders in all sorts of new sports can check out electric wowgo skateboards. But we recommend that you buy an electric skateboard that is suitable for beginners. It is designed to make driving easier, more comfortable and safer. It doesn’t matter which board you get, start in launch mode and go slow. Until you gain confidence

Physically, the level of fitness required to get started is relatively low. Anyone who can climb stairs can ride a skateboard. When mixing is longer and more intense, lower fitness riders can tire more quickly. You can visit for more details.

We encourage riders of all levels to give it a try. You might be surprised at how well riders with different skills adapt. Electric skateboarders come in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. So don’t think of yourself as joining a growing community!

Skateboarding started in the late 1940s. Scooters were already popular, but they were expensive. Some children who could not afford a scooter had the wheels removed with rollers and mounted on a wooden board. They got their hands on this new car. Later they decided to remove the handle and just sit on the wooden platform.

After a while, some surfers started skateboarding. The first true skateboards with clay wheels were made and sold commercially in the 1950s.

Skateboarding is a popular sport in many countries

Skateboarding is a popular sport in many countries around the world. A tournament that attracts hundreds of amateur and enthusiastic participants of both sexes. It is held in the countries of the world, skate parks are built in every city and village, and the design of the skateboard is constantly being improved. Special shoes and clothing designed and manufactured for skateboarding. The extreme sport (X Games) skateboarding attracts many people.

There are two types of skateboards: street and ramp.

Street skateboarding can be done anywhere except on the slopes. Trick shows can be held on streets, parking lots and school grounds. Is the surface smooth and safe?

The skate park is a great place for all kinds of skateboarding. They have a particularly smooth surface, as well as ramps, rudders, rims and entertainment boxes. Street skateboarders jump, spin and crush all kinds of surfaces and objects. Street skateboarding also includes skateboard racing.

In skateboard competitions, riders are dropped off from a starting position. Then drive on curvy and twisty roads. They stand or kneel on fast-moving skateboards. And can do more than 65 km per hour

Skate ramps are vertical ramps or small ramps. The main difference between these two species is their size. The ramp is a giant U-shaped ramp over 4 meters long and has vertical sections at the top of each side. Small driveways are smaller than vertical driveways. And with no vertical sections to change the picture, they’re generally easier to ride and are where most skaters practice their route before heading to bigger slopes.

Can a full-fledged skateboard help a child or even an adult to be healthy and live a better life? Is there any evidence that skateboarding can help kids, teens and adults stay healthy both physically and mentally? Can teachers replace skateboards for kids at school? Is it too late for parents to make a change or is it already too late, with childhood obesity at 20 percent and the numbers soaring? Here are just a few questions we’ll answer about the impact of skateboarding, schools, and parents in the fight against childhood obesity.

Skateboarding has been proven to help kids, teens and adults stay healthy both physically and mentally