Guide – How To Wear A Closure Wigs

If you haven’t tried wearing lace front closure wigs yet, it’s about time you did. There is no better or easier way to experiment with any hair color, cut, or style. Just ask Cardi B or Kylie Jenner, two ladies with collections that could fill a walk-in closet (yes, I’m envious). 

Knowing how to put on lace front closure wigs is probably one of the most frequently asked questions among wig wearers, whether they’re new to the game or want to avoid having their current unit looking lopsided. Literally!

Keep reading for a step-by-step application guide on how to wear straight, curly, or deep wave closure wigs. 

Start With Your Hair Prepped And Flattened Under A Wig Cap

Wig caps are necessary because they protect your natural hair from damage while wearing a wig (i.e., breakage from friction). Your hair should be flat as possible for the wig to sit naturally and not like a hump on top of your head. 

I wear my hair in flat twists (similar to cornrows, but twists rather than braids) because they are simple to make and remove. You can, however, braid or lemonade braids your hair or slick it back with gel or mousse (the latter if you have short hair). The better the foundation beneath your wig, the better it will appear when worn.

It is also up to you which wig cap you choose to wear. To make the wig parting look more natural, I prefer a nude cap or one that matches my skin tone. I recommend grabbing a variety of colors to see which you prefer.

Apply A Powder That Matches Your Skin Tone To The Wig Cap

This is another important step in making your human hair closure wigs look natural when wearing a wig. If you choose a wig cap that isn’t the same color as your skin, this step will help you tweak the cap to make the part look like your scalp.

My go-to powder is the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Powder in Tan. This powder is my favorite because it applies evenly and does not oxidize.

Place The Wig On Your Head, Starting In The Front

This is the simplest method for putting on frontal closure wigs, especially if your hair is braided, twisted, or molded. This ensures that you’re moving the lace front closure wigs in the direction of the foundation without disturbing it.

Determine What Kind Of Part You Want And Adjust The Wig Accordingly

With True Glory Hair’s deep wave closure wigs you get options to part your hair however you want. If you have lace front closure wigs, you may be able to skip this step and re-part your hair instead because it has space.

Secure Your Wig (Lace Front Or Lace Closure Wigs)

This step may differ depending on the type of human hair closure wigs you have. Suppose you have lace frontal or lace front closure wigs. In that case, you should consider laying it down with a heavy-duty hairspray because it is easier to work with, much more forgiving, and easily removed without damaging the hairline.

Lay down The Baby Hair Of Your Wig (optional)

While creating baby hair on your lace frontal closure wigs isn’t required, it does help create a more realistic finish. I’m not a fan of overdone baby hair, so I brush a small swoop at the front of the part instead. 

Apply Powder To The Parting Space

Yes, you’ll need to take another step to make the part look official, but you’ll be glad you did. Apply the same Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Powder in Tan directly to the part. This helps conceal the knots on the lace front closure wigs while also slightly widening the part to make it appear more realistic. Apply the powder with an angled brush and press it into the part to create an even layer.


And just like that, your wig is installed and looks fantastic—but most importantly, natural. Experiment with True Glory’s human hair closure wigs to ensure you look and feel your best every time you leave the house. You won’t find more reasonably priced premium-quality virgin body wave closure wigs than True Glory Hair. The brand is a great example of how high quality does not always have to be expensive.

The closure is a vital part of your hair system, so much so that if you don’t wear it correctly, you will be left with a system that is floppy, bumpy and difficult to style. In this blog post, we will be answering all of your questions on the topic and giving you the information you need to correctly wear and style your hair system.