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How to Gain Followers with Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social media platform many brands seek to gain followers and awareness. The process of gathering followers takes time and dedication, but there are some tips that make the process easier. Taking a concerted approach is the only way to go when it comes to pursuing followers on Instagram.

Helpful Tips to Gain Instagram Followers

When brands first get started with Instagram, they often expect Instant delivery, which rarely occurs. The following offers helpful tips that will assist brands in increasing their Instagram followers without too much effort.

  • Optimizing their Instagram account is a solid first step in gaining followers. Brands should consider their bio as the homepage of their account. The bio is the first impression users will experience with a brand. The bio should form the foundation of the brand and offer valuable information.
  • Posting at haphazard times is one of the worst ways to gain followers on Instagram. It is best for brands to stick with a consistent posting schedule. Having a calendar schedule will help users know when to expect new content from the brand so they do not miss any posts.
  • Brands should consider scheduling posts in advance. Scheduling in advance keeps everyone on the same page and prevents mix-ups that can lead to forgotten posts and other problems.
  • It never hurts to get partners involved, especially if they are Instagram influencers. Having partners and brand advocates allows brands to spread awareness about their products and services.
  • Those wanting to gain followers on Instagram should be careful about gaining fake followers. While it may be tempting to purchase followers, this is not the way to go. Brands that purchase followers often find they are given many fake accounts that can harm them more than help. Purchasing followers also offers no ROI. These fake accounts will not make purchases from the brand.
  • Another critical tip for gathering Instagram followers is to spread the word everywhere. Promoting their Instagram accounts will allow brands to gain attention. Adding social media buttons to their websites is a solid first start.

Professional Marketing Makes Gathering Instagram Followers Easier

Many brands find it difficult to gain Instagram followers, especially in the infancy of their accounts. Because it takes a great deal of effort to attract a loyal audience of followers, many brands opt for seeking professional help.

Getting professional help and guidance makes the process of pursuing followers less stressful. By hiring a professional, brands can focus more on running their companies. If you are interested in garnering follows and are ready to make a concerted effort, hiring a professional marketing team will allow for true results. Getting Instagram followers begins with being genuine. Start with realistic expectations and grow your brand steadily.

It is clear social media platforms like Instagram are more integral to brand promotion than ever. Those not on Instagram are missing out on over two billion users. If you do not have an Instagram following, now is an ideal and best time to get started.