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Dumpor- Top Instagram Story Viewer

Are you looking to secretly see Instagram stories? If yes, give ‘Dumpor Instagram Video Viewer’ another attempt! Instagram, is a famous platform for social media marketing. It will possibly permit you to see specific content if you don’t have an account. The client will be expected to sign in or register later.

Some people need to stay anonymous and have the option to see other accounts’ content without signing in. Nobody can realize they are secretly seeing others’ profiles. Dumpor is a superb asset for signing on to other Instagram accounts.

Let’s look in-depth at this tool.

Dumpor-The Secret Instagram Stories Viewer

What is Dumpor precisely?

Dumper is an anonymous Instagram Story viewer that permits clients to see all stories, that have been taken out from their accounts. This tool is useful for users who need to see which stories were deleted by a user.

Dumper has two locations: the web and the app store. It is available free of charge and needn’t bother with any confirmation.

Dumpor working process

Dumper is a program to read Instagram stories and outlines them.

It simplifies the process of reading long Instagram Stories and is totally free.

  • Dumper starts by scanning the whole story and afterward gathering all the photos. The AI calculation investigations these photos.
  • It removes information like area, hashtags, and clients that have referenced or loved the story.
  • Dumper assembles the information and afterward makes an outline of the story.

This rundown incorporates a portrayal of the scene, fundamental citations from the story, and significant information about those in the photos.

  • Dumper is also accessible as a Firefox Add-on Chrome Extension.
  • You can also utilize Dumpor to read stories from iOS and Android devices.

Dumpor app sign in process

  1. Dumpor needs you to download the app through Google Play, the App Store, or Google Play.
  2. After the app has been installed, open it and then tap “view anonymous stories” and then click “View anonymous stories”
  3. It will then, at that point, permit you to browse all rpivate Instagram Stories.
  4. There is all information about the story as well as the name of the poster as well as a profile photograph.
  5. Tapping on a story title will take it to its story page.
  6. It’s not difficult to use and incorporates all the information you really want about each story.

Most important characteristics of Dumpor

Let’s check out at the essential elements that make up the Dumpor.

Anonymous Instagram story view is Dumper’s first and most optional service users use.

  • Dumpor also allows you to download videos from Instagram. Official Instagram can’t yet download these videos.
  • You can also visit the Instagram accounts of others in secret and view their breezes by Dumpor.
  • Dumpor utilizes an easy to use interface. It isn’t excessively complicated to utilize Dumpor.
  • Dumpor can rapidly investigate your Instagram account.
  • It will permit you to look for anything that you really want utilizing hashtags.
  • It is completely free and simple to utilize.

Alternates to dumpor app

There are a few choices for the anonymous Instagram Stories viewer. These options were delivered as of late. These other options, while noticeably flawed, are still better compared to what is at present accessible.


InstaDump can be a browser expansion to permit clients to see anonymous Instagram Stories, without expecting to sign in or utilize another application. It also permits clients to save stories and quest for specific stories.


An installer may be the most ideal choice for Dumper. The app lets clients to browse other Instagram stories without uncovering their personalities. This is one of the most outstanding apps you can use to immediately see posts and stories.


InstaStories allows you to browse and audit Instagram posts anonymously. In the wake of visiting the tool, enter your username into the hunt box. Then, at that point, click on “Search” and select the symbol. You will see the outcome.

Izoom you

izoomYou permits clients to grow their Instagram profile photos. This app permits you to see, download, and view Instagram profiles, stories, posts, and photos from Instagram on your cell phones.

4k Stogram

4k Stogram assists you with downloading Instagram pictures, stories, and recordings. You want to duplicate the username for any Instagram record to download the ideal images and recordings.


Picxwox might be a choice to dump. This driver gives you look and download images and stories access the way you like. This tool is viewed as the best Instagram anonymly app you ought to use in 2022.


Dumpor Instagram tools permit you to look through open Instagram accounts’ stories and articles from any internet browser. It will permit you to see their profiles, including their followers, accounts and blog entries.

You can also get to any of their articles and stories to look at them even after their stories are erased in 24 hours. This tool won’t work for exclusive accounts. You can in any case see the account, but posts, stories, and different details will be blocked.

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