Advantages Of Applying Knauf Earthwool 

Knauf Earthwool products are eco-friendly since they are manufactured with up to 80% recycled content and a bio-based binder that does not include any additional formaldehyde. This makes them less hazardous to handle and less irritating to the skin.

Knauf Australia is one of the most commended suppliers of plasterboard materials and many more. They create the finest insulation with sustainable materials to provide and aid homeowners with a sense of comfort. 

Knauf Earthwool offers a long list of advantages to homes and other infrastructures that may need insulation, drylining systems, and more. To learn about their advantages, continue reading below. 

3 Advantages Of Knauf Earthwool 

  1. Advantages Of Adding Insulation To Walls 

The next generation of environmentally friendly, soft, and safe glasswool insulation is here and is called Knauf Earthwool wall products. They are sent to property owners in handy compression-wrapped bags, which reduces the amount of cumbersome packing as well as the amount of time spent handling the product. Batts of insulation are a common kind of external wall insulation; however, they may also be used indoors to reduce the amount of noise that travels between rooms. 

With the help of the Earthwool Wall Batts, which are designed to reduce the amount of heat that escapes from a building, you can make sure that your home is warm and cosy even when the weather outside is frightful. Because it comes in such a wide array of R-values and thicknesses, this option is ideally suited for installation in a wide variety of residential building configurations. 

  1. Advantages Of Putting Insulation On The Roof

The ceiling batts offered by Knauf Earthwool are available in several R-values, enabling them to be used in a wide range of settings. Insulation may be found with R-values ranging anywhere from R2.5 to R6.0, giving consumers a diverse range of choices. Because it is not created with formaldehyde, the ceiling range, just like the wall batts, is very luxurious and easy to instal. The acoustic properties of the ceiling batts contribute, moreover, to the prevention of the propagation of background noise. 

To get a higher R-value, it is possible to instal these insulation batts not only in the ceiling but also in the walls of the room. Customers in the building and development industries, as well as do-it-yourself enthusiasts and contractors, stand to gain the most from this product.

  1. Absorption Of Sound

The Knauf Earthwool acoustic batts have great acoustic and thermal qualities, and they help minimise the amount of noise that can be heard from the outside and echoed inside the home. Additionally, these batts have the ability to limit the amount of noise that can be echoed within the house. This series, known as Earthwool Sound Shield, is often used in walls that are located outside of structures; nevertheless, it is also helpful for reducing the amount of noise transferred into buildings. 

Inside private dwellings’ walls, including entertainment spaces and media rooms, “super hi-density” insulation with an R-Value of 2.7 is often utilised. This kind of insulation is employed. It may be installed in the ceiling of a structure that is situated below a flight route, and it neatly fits into a standard wall hollow of 90 millimetres. In these kinds of circumstances, it may be used as a single layer of insulation, or it can be used in conjunction with other layers of insulation if a higher R-value is required.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, it is important to point out that items made from Earthwool do not catch fire under any circumstances. When it comes to the safety of your loved ones and the things they hold dear, the significance of this extra safety measure simply cannot be overstated. Due to its many benefits, Knauf Earthwool should be the material of choice for any construction endeavour.  

Why Does Knauf Australia Use Top Materials? 

Knauf Australia utilises sustainable, high-quality materials to ensure the safety, comfort, and security of homeowners. The right insulation will protect your home from the extreme temperatures that may occur throughout the winter and summer, allowing you to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Insulation is another method that may be used to lessen the impact of noise pollution. It just takes a little more energy to heat or cool a house with adequate insulation. 

If a home has enough insulation, the costs of heating and cooling it may be decreased while the level of comfort it provides can be raised. We strongly advise insulating not just the interior but also the exterior walls of your home in order to create a robust buffer zone between your house and the outside elements.


The most important advantage of insulating walls is that it makes daily life more convenient and less difficult. If you haven’t done a good job insulating your ceiling, your home’s air conditioning may be losing cool air through the ceiling. Knauf earthwool has some of the best insulation that can bring comfort instantly to the whole house and the family. Invest in a good insulation supplier and the environment when you choose Knauf Australia.