5 Washi Tape Projects For DIY Gifts

Washi tape is an enjoyable, straightforward, and affordable way to create DIY gifts that stand out. You can use it for gift wrapping, as a decorative accent on paper products, or even as the background of your photos!

Are you searching for a craft project to do with your kids or something to add to your own home decor, these washi tape projects are sure to inspire!


Washi tape is an ideal way to add vibrant color and design to any craft or project. It’s a versatile, user-friendly tool that can be used for everything from decorating your notebook to gift-wrapping!

This set of washi tape includes 40 rolls in an array of vibrant designs – the ideal gift for creative people who enjoy decorating and crafting!

These rolls of tape can be used for gift wrapping, decorating notebooks and planners, bullet journals – even walls! Plus they look great decorating frames, books, pens and pencils too – not to mention adding an aesthetic flair to craft projects!

Another fun and easy way to use washi tape is by creating a bookmark. This activity is ideal for kids as they get to create their own designs!

Create a stunning custom washi tape flag garland to add some festive spirit to your home decor! With so many possibilities, creating this piece would make an excellent addition for any room!

It’s essential to have an organized space for arts and crafts projects. This will make finding things faster and keep the mess at a minimum. Furthermore, group all crafting supplies by color for easy reference.

Birdhouse Lamp

If your kid loves birds, they’ll love this cute birdhouse lamp that doubles as a nightlight. Depending on their age, they might even want to help put together the birdhouse.

This lamp’s weathered metal finish and 15-Inch ivory linen fabric shade make it the ideal addition to any side table or hallway table. Team it with other pieces of indoor garden decor alongside your favorite chair for the coziest nighttime reading nook around!

This lamp boasts a birdcage design with delicate embossed details that resemble foliage. The roof is also embossed to appear covered in overlapping feathers.

This lamp hangs from a pre-attached chain and requires two AA batteries (not included). Its durable distressed construction and textured design make it perfect for any rustic-style interior.

This elegant night-light features a cardinal-shaped birdhouse that’s handpainted in vibrant red. It makes an ideal holiday present for anyone on your list!


A mousepad is an indispensable piece of equipment for desktop computer users. Not only does it enable them to comfortably control their machine, but also gives them the opportunity to customize their workspace with style.

Make a DIY mousepad that expresses your style and personality! Cover your pad with any design, photo, or pattern for added visual interest.

Instead of decorating your mousepad with a plain color or photo, add some fun flair with Washi tape! You can find various colors and designs at craft stores or online.

Another option is to use cardboard as the base for your mousepad. However, foam insulation instead of flat cardboard provides much better padding; you can find this kind of foam at any hobby or craft store.

Finally, you can attach a decorative top to your base. Fabric or paper both work well here; just ensure they’re cut the same size as your base.

If you’re searching for an easy and inexpensive DIY gift, why not give a custom-made mousepad to your tech-savvy friend? You can customize it according to their individual needs and make it something they will treasure for years to come.


Washi tape is an enchanting, vibrant and affordable DIY craft kit that can be used for countless beautiful projects. From gift wrapping to home decoration, these Japanese paper-based decorative tapes should be part of every crafter’s arsenal!

This craft is ideal for creating a one-of-a kind, personalized gift for someone special. Use your favorite colors and patterns to craft an eye-catching handmade card that will be treasured for years!

For this project, you’ll need some washi tape, popsicle sticks and a frame. You can also embellish it with decorations or other designs if desired.

Make this gift extra special by using a vibrant color for the frame. Start by using white cardstock paper as the base and adding colorful strips of tape on top.

If you don’t have much time to create a gift, this straightforward and affordable project will surely impress your friends! This flower pen adds some vibrant color to your workday and takes only minutes to make.

Wrap your laptop, notebook, planner or phone case with this stunning tape to make it stand out. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to keep track of all electronic cords and chargers.

Mirror Frame

Mirrors are an excellent way to bring attention to any space. Additionally, they have the added bonus of making a room appear larger by reflecting light back.

Frames are often the focal point of a mirror, and their presence can have an immense impact on its atmosphere. Frames come in all colors and styles, from light to dark, wooden or metal; simple to elaborate; adding subtlety or making a statement.

Washi tape can be a great canvas to explore color and pattern combinations. Cut strips and apply them directly on the flat surface of the mirror, branch out and wrap the frame, or overlap and layer different designs together. There’s no limit to what you can achieve here!

Sunburst mirror frames are a popular design, but you can add your unique touch to create an eye-catching effect with different lengths and colors. Start by picking a base color and then play around with different lengths for an eye-catching visual. You’re sure to love the result!


Washi tape printing is a widely-used craft supply for DIY projects due to its thinness, affordability, ease of use and endless colors and patterns. Plus, it’s made from natural fibers like bamboo or hemp – perfect for eco-conscious crafters!

This decorative masking tape is ideal for scrapbooking and other paper crafts projects, adding color and pattern to any project. It’s also a popular choice in art journaling.

These vibrant and fun patterned tapes are easy to remove without leaving glue or residue behind, plus they’re durable and waterproof.

Kids will adore this necklace idea! All they need is a chain, wire and some washi tape – you can even pick a design that complements their room’s color scheme!

This fast and affordable craft can be completed in no time! Simply cut a strip of washi tape to create this adorable heart necklace. For an extra special touch, turn it into a gift tag for any special occasion!

These cute and easy DIY projects are the perfect way to give your friends personalized gifts they’re sure to love. Not only are they all quite affordable, but also incredibly simple to make! Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to express your creativity!


Planners love decorative tape and want to incorporate it into everything from gift wrapping to DIY projects. This Japanese paper-based tape has become a trend in the craft world and provides an easy way to decorate nearly anything with flair.

The great thing about this craft is its affordability and accessibility. So even if you’re on a budget, you can still create some stunning DIY gifts using washi tape!

You’ll likely need some tape and scissors. Additionally, there are a wide selection of colors and patterns available for creative possibilities.

This is a fantastic project to do with your kids. They’ll have lots of fun creating it and you could make it an extra special project for Mothers’ Day or Grandma’s Birthday.

Make a basic bookshelf more interesting with washi tape! Pick a design that complements your room’s color scheme, and you’ll have something you can use and admire every day.

Use masking tape to mask off areas when painting on watercolour paper. Doing so can prevent you from accidentally painting over a spot or ruining an attractive design!