Two Kinds of Watches for the Stylish Man

If you like stylish accessories, you’re looking for a fashionable gift, or you’re trying to improve your look, a watch is a perfect item for you. Wearing a watch can be a luxurious addition to your outfit. They give you a classy look and make you look more reliable to your business partner(s). There are many kinds of watches on the market, and each of them has its own special features. 

In this article, you’ll find out more about two different kinds of watches for the stylish man: the skeleton watch and the solar watch.

The Skeleton Watch

Some watches are unique artworks to wear, for example, a Skeleton watch. Skeleton watches are the newest trend regarding accessories for men. They have existed for decades, but are just now gaining popularity. The skeleton watch gets its name from the fact that all the parts of the watch are visible, much like the bones of a human skeleton. This gives the watch an intriguing look, which is why watch connoisseurs are so fond of them.

How does a skeleton watch work?

The mechanism of the skeleton watch is reduced to only the necessary parts. All the parts are polished and then stamped or engraved. Most skeleton watches are mechanical watches. The amount of work and intricate details that go into the watch, make it a labor-intensive product. It is for this reason that most skeleton watches are much more expensive than other watches, making them a very popular investment product. 

Which brands sell skeleton watches?

There are many skeleton watches for all budgets. Zenith Defy is an example of an affordable skeleton watch that costs about 8600 US dollars when purchased in used condition. A more luxurious model is the Patek Philippe Complication, a beautiful white gold model with golden details. This unique skeleton watch will set you back about 80.000 US dollars. 

Other popular brands that sell skeleton watches are Cartier, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and Hublot.

The Solar Watch

Solar watches are a popular and sustainable kind of watch. The solar watch has minuscule solar cells on its dial, which are usually hidden behind semi-transparent glass. Solar cells turn light into energy, which is stored in a rechargeable lithium battery. The solar watch is popular because it tells time very precisely. Solar watches synchronize with the atom time and some of them have a GPS receiver, which connects to at least four different satellites several times a day to adjust the time. 

How is a solar watch recharged? 

Solar watches are recharged by any light source, not just by sunlight. If you store a solar watch in the dark, it can work for another month until a year, depending on the number of features that the watch possesses. A watch that only tells time uses up less of the stored energy than watches with all sorts of other functions. Solar watches that have stopped running, can usually be recharged by leaving them in the light for a few minutes. 

Are solar watches sustainable?

Solar watches are much more sustainable than other kinds of watches since the battery needs to be replaced fewer times than the batteries of regular watches. The lithium battery in a solar watch can usually last up to two years. There have been cases where lithium batteries lasted up to ten years without having to be replaced. This spares the environment from the polluting process of mining the materials used to make batteries and the intensive process of recycling them.