Top Best Puzzle Games for Android

Perfect for keeping busy, puzzle games are many on the Play Store, and some of them are very good. Some need extra effort to get your head around their central principles. Puzzle games keep you engaged and intrigued by requiring you to pay attention, even if it’s only recognizing which color will appear next. It’s easy to understand why they’re popular with a large number of mobile players.

Bridge Constructor Portal

  Bridge Constructor Portal is the finest game in the series, in my view. Not only do you get the games’ renowned gameplay, but you also get some weird crossover material from Valve’s classic Portal. Yes, you must battle with physical rules, but also with a few “goodies” from the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. It’s hilarious.

   The game’s premise remains unchanged: construct infrastructure capable of transporting a vehicle from point A to point B. While it appears to be straightforward, there is actually quite a bit of strategy involved. Additionally, you’ll need to deal with portals, repulsion and propulsion gels, cubes, and a variety of other Portal-related items.

  GLaDOS himself has arrived! I’m telling you, if you like Portal as many of us did and enjoy physics-based puzzles, you’re going to enjoy this game. It runs beautifully on tablets and includes gamepad compatibility. It’s a very excellent game, and it’s well worth the price.

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Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run, published by the lovely folks at Noodlecake Games, is an auto-runner that puts your response time to the test in ways that may be a little taxing on your brain.

Speed is the name of the game as you leap and rush through colorful stages. You have extraordinary leap abilities and the ability to change color, and you must complete each course while touching only items that match your color. Appears simple enough? However, reconsider!

While the game looks stunning when it runs at maximum frame rate, the true thrill comes from the exact input provided by the two-touch controllers. If you timing a color change to coincide with your touch of the platform, you will receive a brief dash boost. Jump controls are likewise accurate, allowing you to effortlessly land challenging double leaps. Each level is meant to be non-linear, which means there are various ways to complete it. However, each level contains three unique objectives that will have you going back for more.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

   Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, developed by the same team behind the Simulacra series, falls into the same subgenre of gaming known as the “found phone” genre. The Lonely Assassins thrusts you into the action, entrusting you with a misplaced phone and introducing you to Petronella Osgood, who serves as your partner and guide throughout the subsequent mystery.

By utilizing the phone you received from a now-missing guy called Lawrence, you’ll have to go through his emails, conversations, images, and phone records in order to discover what happened to him and, in the process, unravel the mysteries of a decades-old mystery. While the puzzle portion of the game isn’t particularly tough, fitting the pieces together still provides a rewarding A-Ha! moment when you’ve tied the loose threads together.

Donut County

Donut County is a physics puzzle game in which you take on the role of a hole in the earth. Your objective is to consume everything on the level, becoming larger in the process. While you may begin little, as you wreak havoc on the citizens of Donut County, you will eventually sink entire structures.

The writing is clever, and despite their predicament, the majority of the characters seem surprisingly optimistic. The tale unfolds gradually as you progress through the stages, and the majority of them contain riddles. While they are not mind-bogglingly tough problems to complete, they are enjoyable nonetheless.

In sum, the game is a delight to experience and play. I adore the visual design and audio as well. The only true drawback of Donut County is its brief duration. Even so, you may replay the game indefinitely, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. It is money well spent, so enjoy it!


It’s difficult to find an engaging puzzle game that doesn’t want to sell you extra lives or power-ups.

That is only one of the reasons why Holedown was one of the year’s best games. Holedown will have you systematically blasting your way through celestial bodies — starting with asteroids and working its way up to the Sun — by bouncing balls off blocks. Each brick has a number associated with it that indicates the amount of strikes required to demolish it, or you may destroy a supporting block to remove everything above it.

This is a pick-up-and-play game with an intuitive idea, but you’ll quickly discover that it requires some strategy and expertise. Because all of the bricks are curved, you may set up complex bank shots to quickly wipe away large areas of blocks. This becomes increasingly critical as the screen moves up one row after each shot. The game is ended when the blocks reach the top of the screen.

I Love Hue

You know those videos that circulate on the internet that are collections of weirdly gratifying things? Crayons wrapped and piled in a factory, fruit sliced into precise cubes, and glass bottles tumbling in perfect sync? I Love Hue, produced by Zut Games, is almost certain to elicit the same emotion.

I Love Hue’s idea could not be more straightforward. Rearrange tiles on a jumbled color spectrum by dragging and dropping them until the gradient is chromatically right. The puzzles are classified according to their complexity, beginning with “Beginner” and progressing to “Visionary.” The variety in this enthralling game comes from the fact that the fixed tiles on any given spectrum can be changed. Are just the four corners secured? Or is it possible that every other tile is locked this time around?

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