The brutal injury suffered by Eduard Dubinski

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Currently, a footballer can perfectly recover from a torn ligament or a broken leg. However, in the past, those injuries almost certainly led to retirement. On other occasions, they were even life-threatening. A great place to make online betting is on 1xBet Zambia, and this website also allows its members to wager on footballers who have just recovered from injuries.

The case of Soviet defender Eduard Dubinski is a case of the latter. His career was never the same after a brutal foul he suffered while playing for his country in the 1962 FIFA World Cup.

A violent competition

The 1962 FIFA World Cup is remembered for many things. Speaking about those competitions, don’t forget to place live sport bet – has all major football tournaments. Some of these aspects include:

  • being able to take place in Chile, despite the country having suffered the worst earthquake ever two years prior;
  • some organizational and logistical problems;
  • and also, the violence that was seen in many matches of the competition.

On the 31st of May of that year, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union played a match during the competition. You can place a sports bet on 1xBet live on the best national football teams from the entire world.

This match was won by the Soviets 2-0, with goals from Valentin Ivanov and Viktor Ponedelnik. Yet, it also had a lot of violent moments. The worst one of them was when Soviet defender Eduard Dubinski was the victim of a horrific foul made by Yugoslav Muhamed Mujić.

What was also surprising was what happened immediately after. The referee decided not to send Mujić off. Yet, due to the violence of the foul, other Yugoslav players told him to leave the field.

A sad aftermath

Dubinski suffered a broken tibia and fibula to his leg. By the way, the bet app download for Android on can also be used to wager on players who return from injuries of this kind. The player returned to play on various domestic teams, yet, he never fully recovered from the brutal challenge he suffered in the 1962 FIFA World Cup.

Eduard Dubinski died on the 11th of May 1969, he was only 34 years old at the time. He was diagnosed with bone cancer shortly before his death. Many people argue that this was a result of the tackle. Yet, there is no medical evidence to back this up.

Hopefully, situations like this will never be seen again in football. Don’t forget to download the bet app for Android on the 1xBet website, which will also allow you to wager on a wide range of matches.

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