How to Remove Stains from Fabric Sofa – Effective Ways

Sofas made of fabric can appear fantastic and be very comfortable. But cleaning a sofa is tiresome and requires professionalism and expertise. However, with some magic hacks, you can also perform sofa cleaning efficiently. People may think about hiring a reputed Sofa dry cleaning in Noida, but before that, you need to try some DIY couch stains removing techniques mentioned below.  

Your couch is indeed susceptible to stains from practically everything you carry home. Mistakes can occur from meals and drinks to pets and chemicals, leaving spots on your upholstery. Because of this, it’s crucial to be ready and knowledgeable, including about how to remove stains from fabric sofa.

Users may be able to eliminate the stains from the upholstery using one or more techniques, based on the kind of stain you have. Before we do that, though, let’s discuss some general measures to take if a mishap leaves a permanent stain on your sofa.

Remove Stains from Fabric Sofa :-

How to Get Rid of Oil or Grease Stains

Step 1: With a serrated knife or the tip of a teaspoon, eliminate any crumbs and dried fat. Before continuing with the remaining spot removal method, you may still find stubborn oil overlaying the mark even after the procedure.

Step 2: Apply a small volume of moisture dish detergent to the stain’s center and use your fingertip to stretch it out to wrap up the remaining stained area.

Step 3: Gently Softly clean the stain with a sponge. Rather than scraping beyond the stain, begin at the edge and repeat in the center and internal area.

Step 4: Use paper towels to absorb some of the moisture before rinsing the cleaner off with a damp towel.

Step 5: Before wiping the cleanser with a wet cloth, use hand towels to soak part of the wetness.

Step 6: A few of the blooms may still be apparent at this stage. Create a blend of identical parts of water and domestic ammonium to remove stains. Immerse a sponge into the mixture, then drain any additional water with a cloth. Then use circular motions to carefully massage the streaks. It’s crucial to persist since removing grease stains on your sofa may take some time.

Step 6: Wipe the cleansers off the fabric with a moist sponge and let it dry naturally.

Steps to Eradicate Ink Patches From The Sofa or Upholstery

Step 1: A few nails paint may dry out or stiffen after the soaking. In this situation, users must thoroughly scratch-off fragments with a steak knife. Do not apply additional force because doing so could harm the fabric.

Step 2: Mix a vial of freshwater with 2–3 droplets of ethanol or nail paint stripper, then dab the bottom of cloth into the mixture to wipe the spot. Use a different approach or crumpled portion of the cloth as the pigment emerges. Rub lightly; doing otherwise could extend the tint.

Step 3: Select a dry-cleaning solution to fully erase the nail polish tints after its bulk has been eradicated. Wipe, not scrape, with a fresh towel or scraper. Gently wipe the spot with the sponge mop soaked in your recommended chemicals to remove the stain, 

Step 4: Wipe away any leftover cleansers with a moist cloth before letting your couch dry completely.

How to Get Pet Urine Stains Out of Furniture

Step 1: To collect as much wetness as you can throughout the standardized methodology, use a lot of extra napkins. If the stain is dried, moisten the surface and proceed with the preparation.

Step 2: Combine mixed water and white vinegar in a bucket, whereas the stained region remains wet. You may also include petite essential oil droplets for scented odor. Use a hand towel to conceal the pet urine mark after immersing and rinsing it in the mixture. Gentle scouring is recommended to rub the cleanser into the material.

Step 3: Apply a light coating of sodium bicarbonate to the surface and let it dry. Both vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are great natural deodorizers.

Step 4: When the surface is essentially dry, scoop up the granules or use a fresh, moist cloth to remove them. After letting it dry naturally, keep cleaning the sofa to erase leftover vinegar and other cleaning solvents from the surface.

After letting it dry naturally, keep cleaning the sofa until stains disappear permanently 

How to Get Bloodstains Out

Step 1: Dampen a clean cloth with water, then softly squeeze it against the spot to saturate it. If the stains is still moist from the preliminary procedure, you may leave it blank.

Step 2: In a bowl, combine a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Apply this paste to the spot using a spatula. Once more, try to contain the spray inside the stain’s perimeter. Hydrogen peroxide usually works well to remove blood spots by itself. 

Step 3: Massage the cleaning agent into the material with a fresh brush in moderate, round strokes. At this time, the spot ought to start to disappear. If the pool of blood begins to transfer to the toothbrush’s hairs, don’t forget to wash it away.

Step 4: Lightly massage the spot with a clean towel to erase any remaining patches. If the mark hasn’t fully disappeared, don’t panic; just replicate the procedure. But first, let the sofa mattress air dry before trying the full degreasing procedure.

Step 5: Use a moist towel to wipe the cleaning chemicals away. It is preferable to avoid leaving toxins on materials for an extended period because they could cause serious harm. You can accelerate the drying time by improving the airflow in the space and turning on the ventilation appliance at a great velocity. Don’t wait to visit a reputable sofa dry cleaning company in Noida if you don’t obtain the desired results.

How to Get Rid of Typical Food and Drink Stains

Step 1: The intensity of the cleaning agent will be according to how serious the stain is. Prepare a foamy mixture of water and fluid laundry soap.

Step 2: To remove a stain safely and effectively, immerse a towel into the mixture, drain off the extra moisture, and then softly wipe the stain away.

Step 3: Redo steps 2 and 3 as necessary to eliminate the stain after using hand towels to remove water.

Step 4: Wash the affected spot with water and dry it with a damp rag.

How to Get Ink Stains Out

Step 1: Scrub the ink blot with a minuscule portion of denatured alcohol applied to a fresh soft cloth. Prevent pressing or scouring as it can cause the stain to penetrate the cloth more thoroughly. When the ink starts to wipe over the fabric, stay updated to perform the same action on another part of it. Applying alcohol should not be used straight to your sofa because doing so could ruin the upholstery.

Step 2: Repeat the spot cleanup process with denatured alcohol after wiping the area with a clean, lint-free cloth to erase additional water as indicated in step 1. That procedure is the fastest and most reliable one. However, it may not happen in minutes and take a few hours or days to remove completely. You must exercise perseverance and prevent giving up if the pen mark doesn’t quickly lessen or disappear. Don’t forget to occasionally dab the surface with a dry towel to reduce absorption to a limit,

Step 3: After the spot has significantly lightened, clean it with water and let it air dry. The ink ought to be hardly recognizable at this time or just a subtly black splotch.

Step 4: Again, perform the process to erase the ink stain from the sofa permanently. You can also apply a stain eraser. Easily pour stain eraser and ink removal solutions to the stain, softly rub it with a brush and wash with a wet towel after 15-20 minutes. 


Hope these tips will help in removing obstinate stains from the sofa and upholstery. However, appointing sofa dry cleaning Noida from a reputed company like Keyvendors. 

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