How to bet on halftime and half-time in India

Halftime betting, as its name implies, is to bet money at the halftime of a game. Like the classic end-of-match bet, it is available in many sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and handball. Timeout betting is popular because it allows for interesting odds.

What benefits does halftime betting offer?

The benefits of halftime betting are numerous and explain why this type of bet has become so popular over the past few years:

  • Great odds. Since you’re betting on a short period, there is uncertainty. For this reason, the odds are usually around 2 or more. More information on this topic awaits you on our website.
  • Quick Payouts. You don’t have to wait 90 minutes or more to find out the result of your bet. Thus, this strategy allows you to bet more regularly. Many Indian betting experts also write about it, each of which has its blog today.
  • Specific statistics. It is known that some teams start their matches well or, on the contrary, experience some difficulties. This data will allow you to easily make a winning bet on the result at halftime.
  • Less stress. Another 1 advantage of halftime betting is that you bet quickly because time is limited. As soon as the first half is over, you’ll know if your prediction won or not.

On the one hand, the set of advantages is not so huge, but it is important to understand that such a strategy is suitable for beginners. A novice player will be able not to get lost in the huge flow of information and not lose because of banal panic.

Disadvantages of playing betting at halftime

On the other hand, betting between halves has some disadvantages:

  • Game features. Throughout the entire game, the layout usually balances out. During the half, there is a risk that game factors (cards, offsides, injuries, etc.) will affect the outcome of the bet.
  • Regrets. If you choose a halftime bet that turns out to be inaccurate, you will regret not choosing a classic bet.
  • Player Form. Sometimes some athletes “wake up” only in the second half, and sometimes the opposite is motivated only at the beginning of the sports match. All of these parameters can sometimes lead to the failure of our prediction for the half.

Any disadvantage of the strategy can be beaten. The main thing is to take into account these “nuances” in advance.

Which sports can make these bets

The vast majority of sports offer halftime soccer predictions. These are at least those that have a game with a set time and break during the match. Here is a partial list of sports that offer halftime betting:

  • Soccer. The most popular sport in the world is the leader in halftime betting, offering a wide range of choices. The duration of each of the 2 halves is 45 minutes. Extra time can be added at the end of regulation time (90 minutes).
  • Hockey. It has what is called the “American” system of play, and usually consists of 4 quarters. But the number of halves and their duration may vary, depending on the championship. Its counterpart, field hockey, is also available for halftime betting.
  • Basketball. It consists of 4 equal parts, each of which lasts 10 minutes, except for the NBA. It increases the halves by 2 minutes each. That makes a total of 48 minutes of play. The time is counted accurately by the stopwatch displayed above the baskets. Not a second is added to it.
  • American Football. Not surprisingly, this typical North American sport also consists of 4 phases of 15 minutes each, i.e. two halves of 30 minutes.
  • Australian Soccer. Like its American counterpart, Australian soccer is divided into 4 equal parts, each lasting 20 minutes.
  • Handball. The German-Danish sport consists of only 2 phases, the first and second halves, 30 minutes each. But in contrast to soccer, there is no extra time at the end of the match or period.

It is also worth paying attention to rugby. It is always divided into two halves.

In some varieties of sports betting on the break is not available. This is because time is not counted, and the game ends when a certain number of points is reached. All types of racquet sports, such as tennis, badminton, or ping pong, end when 1 or more players manage to win a certain number of sets.

The same case, but without rackets, applies to volleyball or water polo. Sometimes a certain distance to be covered in a race is decisive, as in athletics, cycling, or many winter sports. Billiards and darts are over when a certain number of points are reached, golf is when all players have scored on all holes.

Different types of time-out betting

Time-out betting is a large category, and there are many different possibilities. We’ll look at them using a soccer match as an example, but all of these odds can be adapted to any sport:

  • Result. You can bet on which team will win 1 out of 2 halves. There are even double odds halves, where a player bets on which team will win or draw. You can also bet on whether 1 of the 2 teams will win both halves, or even whether they will win at least 1 half.
  • Halftime/End of Match. You can combine the winner of the first half and the winner at the end of the match. More intricate bets are obtained, but with good odds.
  • Several goals. It is possible to bet on the number of goals in 1 of two halves. Betting on the number of goals in total or any team is also available.
  • Both teams will score. It is possible to guess whether both teams will score or not in each of the two periods.
  • Handicap. An example is a bet on the gap between the two teams. It is possible to bet that team A will beat their opponents by 2 or more goals, but also that team B will lose by a maximum of 1 goal.
  • Exact score of the half. It is possible to bet on the exact score of the half.
  • Combo. It is possible to bet on 2 types of bets together, for example: on the winner of the half and the number of goals; on the winner of the half and whether both teams will score or even on the result of the first half and 1 of the scorers.
  • 1st and last goal of the half. The player bets money on the team or player who will score the 1st or last goal of the half.
  • Goalkeeper. Betting on the goalkeeper who will score at least 1 goal in any period. Some even bet on a double-chance goal scorer to avoid possible disappointment. You also have the option to bet on the player who will score a goal in each of the two periods.
  • Some events. In some countries, you can bet on the number of corners, fouls, or cards that will occur in a match or on a particular team.

All of these bets have different variations. So the field of play is wide, and you can be almost sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

How to bet on sports at halftime

You will find halftime betting on most online sports betting sites in India. Beforehand, however, you need to break down the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the betting map for a particular sport

The first step is by far the most logical, but it’s important. So, first, select the sport on which halftime betting is offered (we’ve listed the available sports in this article). Then select the match you are interested in. It is best to pick a team that you know well and know their playing habits.

Step 2: Analyze each team’s stats

Is the team you want to bet on starting well or entering the game slowly? This information is important if you want to bet on the break. Home teams tend to perform well in the early stages of the game.

But it’s not enough to analyze the results of different teams at halftime. Also relevant are:

  • the results of the entire match;
  • the experience of the players;
  • schedule of games;
  • the players’ typical home and away results, etc.

Tip: To have a better chance of success, we even advise you to think about the final result first and then split the match to bet on the result of 1 out of 2 halves.

Also, look at the statistics of the teams’ draws between halves. This will allow you to see if a particular result is a repeating pattern or not. In absolute terms, the statistics of draws at halftime indicate that such a result occurs in the first half. This indicator is an important fact when predicting the first half.

Step 3: Confirm your bet and wait a few minutes

After completing the first steps, click on “confirm” and wait for the end of the half. You will have to wait 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the sport you choose. Many bookmakers offer free streaming of the match. This is a great way to follow a bet at halftime.

How to use halftime betting when predicting the exact score at halftime

As you can see, this type of betting is clear and not difficult to use. But we want to make sure you understand how this bet works, so here’s an example of how to use it.

For example, you see a match between the Young Boys of Bern and FC Basel. The teams seem equal in performance, but the yellow and black club, playing at home, looks a slight favorite. Bern has a habit of starting their matches well, and in their city, in front of their home crowd, they have chances to lead at the end of the first half. The odds on this bet, let’s say, is 2.8.

You decided to register and take advantage of the welcome bonus from the bookmaker. The odds are 2.80, and you bet 100 Indian rupees to try to win 280 INR (100 * 2.80 = 280). If Young Boys lead at halftime, you win 280 INR, regardless of the final score of the sports match.