10 Tips on Buying a Used Bentley 

A Bentley is a prestigious car that anyone would be proud to own. It is also not the most expensive luxury car on the market and can be purchased at a good price for a second-hand one. Here are ten tips to guide you in finding the perfect Bentley to buy. 

Set a Limit on What You Can Afford

Determine how much you are prepared to spend. Go with this figure firmly in mind when you shop around. Don’t forget what maintenance and repairs will cost you. Aim for a Bentley service at least once a year.

Which Model Is Best? 

If you have already decided that a new Bentley is outside of your price range, you are only going to be looking at used cars. Does it matter what year it came out or do you want a Bentley, regardless of age? Also, consider how often you will be driving your Bentley.  

View Used Cars in a Good Light 

Always ask the dealer to move the Bentley out into the sunshine for you to examine. You need to see it in natural daylight to spot any scratches or other problems. Don’t do night viewings as the lighting will hide any faults. Look for rust as this can ruin a car. 

Availability of Spares

You may have already decided that it doesn’t matter how old the Bentley is as this is the car you simply have to have. But do consider the availability of spares. Else your enjoyment will be short-lived.

Have the Car Checked By a Professional

You have found a Bentley you are thinking of buying. That’s good but you still need to proceed with caution. Get it thoroughly assessed by a mechanic who knows Bentleys well. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Check the Car’s History

Obtain the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will provide you with the service history of the car and confirm its manufacturing date as well as a lot of other information. Also, request a full history of the vehicle from the dealer.

Take It for a Test Drive 

There are two reasons for taking a car for a test drive. The first is to determine what condition it is in. Follow this guide to know what to look out for. Your second reason for the test drive is to see how the car fits you and your driving style.

Use a Bentley Dealer

For used vehicles, you should initially approach Bentley dealers. If you are not satisfied, you may be able to return it as they are affiliates of Bentley. They will also be more knowledgeable. 

Private Sales

You can sometimes pick up a great deal through a private seller. However, be on the alert for scams. Any payments must be made only after you have followed all the tips above and should take place at the seller’s bank. Take a friend with you for the test drive and stick to familiar areas.

Drive Carefully 

Don’t let your excitement at being the owner of a Bentley make you careless. Make sure you have enough gas to get to a service station to fill up. Ease into driving her.

Treat your Bentley right and you will have years of driving pleasure ahead of you.